Going for job interview

Hi everyone, Going for a interview tomorrow, do I tell them I have ms. Any advise please

I don’t know, but just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow and hope it goes well.


Entirely your decision. They are no longer allowed to ask, although I think there may be certain limited exceptions for health and safety reasons - obviously there are some jobs where a person’s physical health would have a bearing on whether it’s safe for them to be doing it. But they cannot ask just because they’re concerned whether you might need time off etc.

Unless you have obvious physical disability which you feel merits some sort of explanation, or it’s a post where personal experience of disability might be a positive advantage (e.g. you’re applying for a post as a disability rights adviser), I probably wouldn’t say anything. Wait 'til you’re offered, or have even accepted the job - hopefully! If the offer suddenly evaporates at that point, you’d have a pretty cast-iron case against them, as it could only be because it could only be because of your disclosure.

In the unlikely event you are asked outright, however, I would say don’t lie. If you are later found to have lied - even to a question they shouldn’t really have been asking - it may no longer be a sacking offence, but at the very least, it’s likely to undermine the relationship of trust and confidence between employee and employer. If you have answered “No” to a direct question, when the answer should have been “Yes”, they are going to wonder what else you might have lied about.

If the question is more loosely worded, such as: “Do you consider you have any disability that would affect your ability to do this job?”, there is no clear right or wrong answer, because you’re being asked your opinion, not a medical fact. Many people with MS don’t consider themselves disabled, so if you’re one of them, it’s not dishonest to answer: “No”.


Hi, I don’t think you have to disclose and I don’t believe they can ask. What you need to decide is when you do disclose this information as if you have a flare up and have to take time off do you really want then for your MS to come out. Would it not be better to tell them up front rather than worry about them finding out after you get ill. If you don’t get hired because of your MS, would you want to work there anyway as they are not the type of firm to be employer friendly. It would be better to get it out there on your terms in my opinion. Good luck with it. Linda x

For the interview I would say no but if you get offered the job that’s when I would tell them. But that’s just my opinion. Good luck JBK

Entirely agree with JBK


I to agree with JBK,

But more importantly i wanted to wish you good luck for the interview.


I too agree with JBK. And good luck. Hope you get get the job!

Shazzie xx