Potential new job, should I tell them?

Hi Everyone, I have been in the same job now for 8 years. I was dx 6 months after I started this job so have not yet been in a situation of telling a potential employer about my MS. I have RRMS and am pretty good but I do suffer with my eyes a few times a year. I am particilary unhappy in my existing job, change in boss a few years ago and I cant handle her anymore, have to try to find something new. I have an interview next week but I really dont know what to do about telling them or not. I am in Ireland and am not legally obliged to tell them but I feel I would be dishonest if I didnt. At the same time, if I do, with the compeition for jobs at the moment Im sure they would not employe ‘the sick person’. Just wondering has anyone been in this position and/or has anyone got any advice? Thanks

Tell them if you wish AfTER they have offered you the job. You would be mad to tell them earlier.