Potential new job, should I tell them?

Hi Everyone, I have been in the same job now for 8 years. I was dx 6 months after I started this job so have not yet been in a situation of telling a potential employer about my MS. I have RRMS and am pretty good but I do suffer with my eyes a few times a year. I am particilary unhappy in my existing job, change in boss a few years ago and I cant handle her anymore, have to try to find something new. I have an interview next week but I really dont know what to do about telling them or not. I am in Ireland and am not legally obliged to tell them but I feel I would be dishonest if I didnt. At the same time, if I do, with the compeition for jobs at the moment Im sure they would not employe ‘the sick person’. Just wondering has anyone been in this position and/or has anyone got any advice? Thanks


If your job depends on your tactile facilities or eyesight day to day maybe you should tell them. If not, why tell them? It’s nobody’s business. You’ve been eight years doing this. I don’t know why you might feel dishonest in not telling them. In my experience people I have worked with (in many many places) have day to day conditions but never dream of telling anybody.