Should I tell a new employer?


Hope you can help - I’m after some advice.

I have just accepted a new job working 28 hours a week over 4 days. As yet I haven’t told my new employer about my MS. (Only met them at the interview)

My current employer and colleagues know as I was admitted to hospital in 2011 as subsequently had 2 more relapses that year prior to beginning treatment (tysabri).

Since starting treatment I have had no relapses, no time off work sick.

As I shall be working 4 days a week I will be able to attend hospital without requesting time off work.

Not sure whether to disclose as its a fixed term contract for 18 months.

Colleagues have said that they think i should, but they don’t have MS and don’t experience the same reactions as I do.

What are your thoughts please?

Im due to start a new job monday. I have my choice of employer and not sure who to start with. I have not to told either of my illness, nor have i been asked. I have been offered both jobs on reputation and experience. Headhunted if you will. I do not intend to tell them until absolutely neccessary. Others may have a different opinion. Unless asked, why disclose for fear of discrimination?

Answered your other thread asking the same question!!