Employment help!!

After several colleagues have complained to my manager about my inability to lift and do a few other tasks my boss has asked me to get my neurologist to tick from a check list what I can and can’t do. Is this something he will be able to help with. I am unable to lift heavy things with one arm and suffer extreme back pain. I am required to take dogs which pull vigorously on leads and while I have been trying to avoid this I think it has been deemed me being lazy which is absolutely is not the case.

I’m sure that some other members will be able to provide more information than me but I do know that your employer has to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for you to be able to carry on working. These can include assigning some parts of your job - that you find difficult - to someone else. i.e. I had the minute-taking part of my job reassigned to someone else because my writing hand just doesn’t play fair like it used to. It can include providing equipment to make it easier for you to do your job. (in my case this has just been a new chair - but it really has helped). It can include modifying your working hours - I went from working a five day week to working a four day week. I hope this helps a little bit - but as I said - i’m sure there are others who can give you more help. Good luck with everything Juls

You should request that your boss refers you to occupational health they will be better suited to help what you can or cannot do at work

hi, I’m new to this but feel devastated , hopeless and helpless as my 16 year old has been diagnoised with ms! very sporty, academic youngster, symptoms appeared suddenly and out of the blue ! 3 mths later co firmed diagnosis, so young, finding it hard to cope and accept, but will support her all the way to achieve her goals and ambitions! bit she now faces more challenges than ever before x