Work issues

Hi, sorry I’ve not been back on for a while.

Things still going on as they were and I’m not much closer to be being sure what’s going on.

I have got to the point that I need answers though.

Gabapentin has helped massively with the tn and the numbness although it’s not completely gone (I’m on 1000mg - 400mg in the am, then 2 x 300 doses). My gp has referred me to a new neurologist but no appointment yet. My balance, memory and dizziness is quite bad though. I’m temporarily not allowed to drive because of if and I have been off with again but due to go back next week.

My issue now is that work have referred me to the well being at work service that look at what reasonable adjustments are possible snd whether I’m fit to work. I just wonder what they can do when no ones sure what’s going on?? I can’t afford to cut hours.

any advice appreciated - thank you!!

Hi there, I wouldn’t worry about this - the purpose is to assist you.

“Reasonable adjustments” do not have to mean reduced hours - although that could be one of the options discussed - but you cannot be forced to accept reduced hours (and pay) if you didn’t agree to it.

They will be looking at any practical measures that might help. Do you need a disabled parking space, for example - assuming you return to driving? Are there any aspects of your job that are causing a particular problem, that could perhaps be done a different way, or is there some kind of tool that might help? Is your office (or wherever) furniture and equipment OK? Or do they make things unnecessarily difficult? Could you have different?

Would flexible hours (not necessarily reduced) be possible, or help? Is there any possibility of working from home sometimes?

I don’t think you need a confirmed diagnosis to discuss these sorts things. Simply consider how you are affected - and what, if anything, might help. Does the workplace get too hot for you? (Many people find symptoms worse with heat). Do you need a fan? Sometimes it could be very simple and minor things - not major changes to terms and conditions.

When I was still working, a small concession I had was that I was NOT expected to carry my laptop everywhere to meetings, especially as I don’t drive, and would occasionally have to visit a customer miles away on public transport.

Ordinarily, employees were supposed to take their laptops with them everywhere, but I got an agreement that was not expected, and turning up with a notebook (not the computer kind) and pen would be OK. If a laptop was essential, they’d find a loan one for me at the destination. I also had things like I MUST have prebooked seats on trains, if I was visiting a remote site, as I couldn’t risk having to stand all the way home from Reading to Bristol (as had sometimes happened).

This meant meetings I was in couldn’t overrun, so that I would miss my train - or if they did, I would have to be excused without anyone holding it against me. If necessary, the customer would have to be told I had a health issue that affected my ability to travel, and that I couldn’t be left to struggle all the way home, in rush hour, without a seat!

All pretty commonsense stuff, really. Not lugging more stuff than necessary, not chancing travelling without a seat.



Argh!! I’ve replied twice but my phone keeps going weird!

I apologise if you get 3 messages! It’s hard enough trying concentrate doing one!

Hi Tina, that’s really helpful, thank you x

i work with children who have extra needs, this can be special needs but it’s often behavioural needs.

i either work in the classroom with them or outside. Sometime individual,ly. sometimes in a small group. This can be inside or outside. I rarely sit down properly and have to follow them if they run off. It’s physically and mentally demanding.

I also meant to say that, yes, heat makes things far worse and the building I work in is often quite hot, I’m forever opening windows.