Changes to my working hours :(


really don’t know where to start!

Was diagnosed in 2003 while still at school doing GCSEs, then went on to college. After college got a part time job (15 hours per week) as things improved and meds kicked in I got a full time job 9 - 5.30 in retail/ pharmacy. The hours really suite me and allow me to manage my symptoms and med side affects. Also keeping me in a good routine wich I find really helps me.

But end of last year had to moved to a different store and now have to drive to work ware as before I had to walk 5mins to work wich I found a lot easyer as I get very tired and don’t feel safe driving some days. This store is a lot bussier within 2 months I crashed my car on way to work and with in 5 mouths was in hospital with first Big relaps in ages .

But now they are also trying to make me work untill 9.30 - 6.30 every other week and 8.30 - 5.15 the other week and sat! I am really worried about this as I know it will really affect me.

in the same store there is also a girl who was there before me who suffers from fatigue she works 11- 5 and refuses to change her hours due to health issues and has been allowed not to change wich is so unfair!

all I want to know is can my employer force me to do this? Any tips? Any one elce been in similar situation?

Hope this makes sens have tried to fit in as much as I can and sorry about spelling lol!


hi eve

it sounds as though your employer isn’t giving weight to the disability discrimination law, well at least not equally between staff.

seek legal advice from CAB or the ms society

good luck

carole x


Yes definitely seek advice. I had a little trouble when I wanted to change my hours at work so went through occupational health who recommended what hours would suit me best. However it can be only a recommendation and, as far as I know, your employer doe not have to follow the recommendations. Luckily mine did. So it can depend on how good your employers are. You are protected I think by disability discrimination law, if OH is not an option for you, seeking advice is the best idea before you so anything else.

mish x

Forgot to add. If you have a written contract of employment check what the conditions of employment are, as I don’t think an employer can change this without your agreement. Not sure how correct this is but it was what I was advised at the time. Maybe something to question when seeking more accurate advice?

Hope it goes well.

Mish x