Work times change

Hello this is the first time i have posted anything so if it’s in the wrong place sorry. Just a brief outline on my problem.

I was diagnosed with PPMS in March of this year. My work have been very good up until now, i work 9am-1pm and 4pm-6pm, i have made a few mistakes on the 4pm-6pm shift. I had my 1-2-1 the other day and said i was a little more tired in the afternoons that was not an excuse but fact, and my fingers and voice weren’t as good as they were on the am shift. I was told they could look at reducing my hours by 2 but that i would have to work 2pm-6pm as they had cover for the am shift. This defeats the object i think as i had said the pm shift was the one that i was making the mistakes on. Any advice would be welcome on how to go about putting my case forward at the next meeting later this month. I love my job and the people i work with, so would hate to finish totally.

have you got a union? it would be good to talk about what is going on at work.

do they mean that you would do 2 - 6 and not do any morning work?

maybe it could work if you had a sleep beforehand.

good luck

carole x