Struggling at work

Hi everyone just looking for some advice . I was diagnosed last May and I’ve managed to keep working 30 hours a week . In the last 3 month I’ve started to really struggle and I’ve also had to start Tysabri and I’m struggling so much with fatigue. Just wondering if anyone knows how I go about finding if I’m entitled to any help if I drop more hours at work and also any good tips on helping the fatigue. Oh yeah and I have a 20 month old active little boy xx

Hi, its all different now so I wouldn’t even try to advise you, but just a suggestion, what if you speak to your gp. Once you’ve got their advice, you know you’ve got backing to go forward, ie. Job centre or neurologist. I think you will have to get as much written support as possible. You may be able to get advice by phoning the ms phone line. Sorry that I can’t be of anymore help.

Hope you find what your looking for.



Do you get Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independent Payment (which has replaced DLA)? If not, you should apply for PIP, which is a non-means tested benefit. If you do have either if them, then you’ll qualify for the disabled component of working tax credits, and that means you can reduce your hours without taking a financial hit. I don’t know if you can get the the tax credits without having either DLA or PIP though.

Also, get in touch with Access to Work. It’s a government thing to help people with disabilities to work, and they can provide different kinds of support, from specialist equipment to paying for a taxi to & from work. I’d speak to your HR department or manager about things, to see if you can all find ways to help make the job easier.

As for the general fatigue, I’ve found it helpful to look at my diet. I’ve noticed that certain foods will leave me more tired, like white bread or pasta, and fatty meats. And I cook big portions too, and have the leftovers for the next couple of days, or freeze extra portions. Not having to cook every day really helps my energy.

If I think of anything else I’ll let you know : )


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Hi hun have you spoke to your employer, i do believe they have to make considerations for people with disability, and they may be able to sort out an easier shift or something that wont fatigue you quite so much. If you have a child cant you claim child tax credits/tax credits you can check online if your entitled?

Wow hun its no wonder your fatigued even without MS, working 30 hours and a 20 month old to care for too…its got to be tiring fair play to you, i applaude you hun for working so hard.

As to fatigue, diet is important. I agree with Dan on this one. I went gluten free and my fatigue levels lifted. If i eat stuff with gluten i really feel it.

Eat well and eat healthy, lots of stuff with colours, spinach, red peppers, kayle, all kinds of heatlhy veggies. You can make soups if you dont like the idea of eating them on a plate lol. I have a soup maker and eat a soup everyday made of kurly kale, spinach, peas, tomatoes anything i can which is good for me.

Take some time too to REST. If you can get a familiy member to help when your not working just rest and have a little sleep.

Yes apply for PIP too. Good luck. xx

hi kitty

without wanting to sound patronising, you should be bloody proud that you have managed at all- as a fellow MSer (albeit currently in relapse, hence the daytime postage) with a full time job and children i am good for nothing by 6pm.

excellent advice given to you above by goldengirl and dan. do you have anyone close by who can help? don’t be proud to accept it if offered. remember you didn’t choose MS, and nothing you did caused it.

personally, the mass ‘cooking it then freezing it’ method is good for both of you. as a father of 3, i’d also say get your little one into the habit of eating what the grown up eat. my wife sees many other parents who cook individual meals for their various offspring, they are almost a short-order cook- if you only offer the adult food they have little choice, or eat what they like of it. i should also add that i was one of seven kids in an omnivore household (4 kids living at home at any one time), and have never eaten meat as it made me sick- i got used to adapting e.g. eating plain pasta with cheese whilst everyone else had bolognaise sauce on top of theirs, or just the veg when we had a roast, and that included christmas dinner! please accept my apologies if this happens already at your gaff.

don’t forget your employers have a duty of care to you, and you are covered under the disability discriminations act therefore they are legally bound to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to your working hours and/or environment. if you are honest and fair with them, i really think it will be returned.

i sincerely hope things work out, fluffyollie xx

Hi Kitty

So sorry you are suffering.

I retired through ill health at the age of 52 2 years ago. Before I actually left I was referred to Occ Health and lots of reasonable adjustments were made including a reduction in hours.

Have you been referred to Occ Health?

Shazzie x