Hi i currently work full time in an office job and I have done for the last 2 years ( I was diagnosed 4 years ago ) . I’m really starting to struggle now . I was just wondering if anyone knew how I could get any help / advice on if I am entitled to any help if I was to go part time ?? Any help much appreciated

Hi Kitty If you’ve got one, speak to your HR department about it. Get in touch with Access to Work as well. It’s a DWP thing to help people with disabilities to stay in work. They can provide funding for things like transport (I get taxis paid for my commute, which helps with fatigue) or specialist equipment. See if it’s possible to do any work from home too. I’m very lucky at me place (a bank), as they encourage home working (it can be slightly odd having a video meeting, seeing into the lounge of somebody in Bermuda or Sri Lanka). Do you claim DLA/PIP? If you do then you’ll qualify for the disabled component of working tax credits. That really helped when I had to reduce my hours. You might still be able to apply for it even if you don’t get DLA or PIP, though I don’t know what the requirements are. Hope some of that helps :slight_smile: Dan

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