Working part time-working out whether I could survive


I am currently looking for a job and the disability employment advisor at the job centre suggested I worked part-time. Say 16 hours and that as long as its not above approx £22K that my housing benefit wouldn't be affected and that I would get tax credits.

I am slightly supsicious about this nervous as I am not in receipt of DLA so would I get tax credits. She said that becasue I have the condition and lots of medical documentation relating to it that I probably would.

I am trying to establish whether this is really an option but not sure where to start.

Does anyone know about this stuff? Cheers happyflower

Hi, first could you claim dla, I know a diagnosis of ms in itself isn’t enough to qualify but you might get even the lowest rate. It might be worth applying, you never know. Years ago I applied to get the mobility component cos my walking was poor. I was totally honest, a dr assessed me at home and awarded my mobility AND care! So may be worth you applying.
I don’t know about housing benefit, as for tax credit, you can get this without dla.think you may get a disability premium if you claimed dla but you could still get anyway. Tax credit is for people in work.


Hi, i just recently started part-time work doing 22.5 hrs a week, i get tax credits and my dla it hasnt affected my housing or council tax benifit either, admittedly the rate of pay is not great but i earn over  140 a week, i hope this helps u come to a decision.  Going to work was the best thing i ever done.


Sam x



Tax credits and working 16 hours applies to people responsible for the care of children, disabled people and over 50s
If you are able bodied and childless you need to work 30 hours minimum.

Obviously DLA is a sure indicator that you are disabled and is what most people use however I got this from HMR website “you must be receiving, or have recently received, a qualifying sickness or disability-related benefit” As you have a disability advisor I suppose this applies to you.

I agree with the others though that you should have a punt at DLA – what’s to loose?

There are also disability premiums on tax credits and housing benefit so it’s worth establishing this.






And don't forger to check out 'Access to Work' for support with transport costs, adaptive equipment, support workers etc...

Going back to work part time saved my sanity!

Clare xxx