working and claiming benefits

Hiya all,

Hoping somebody out there can offer me some good advice.

Have just got back from a meeting with my Manager and someone from HR.

Been told that my sickness record has reached an unacceptable level and it has been suggested that maybe i should consider cutting back on my working hours in order to try to improve my health and well being.

My question is are there any benefits out there for MS sufferers who have to reduce their working hours?




their is no direct benefit for ms’ers reducing hours.

their is personal independence payments for extra expenses for mobility / care needs. This is not related to household income but is dependant on needs.

for income based households there are working tax credits.

see for more details / contact numbers.

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Hi Max

Make an appointment with citizens advice, they will help you.

You can apply for PIP and still be working.

Good luck xx

There are benefits that are not means tested. benefitsandwork is a good site to join they will help you all the way - show you how to fill in the forms etc. rights4disabled and are others.

Working tax credits might be of help to you.

if you are disabled you need to work at least 16 hours per week. The money you are entitled to is based on your income as a couple if you have a partner. If your partner is in full time employment it will seriously impact on how much, if anything you would get. You can check the income limits at Working Tax Credits don’t come from the DWP so there is no info about them at Benefits and Work but the helpline people are usually good (0345 300 3900)

PIP is a benefit that you can claim whilst working and it may help ease things a little.


Jane’s said what I was going to say - if you work over 16 hours then you qualify for the disabled component of working tax credits. Also, if you’re home has been adapted in any way because of disability then you should get a discount on your council tax bill (mine hasn’t actually been adapted, but I have to live in a level flat as I’m a wheelchair user, and have a frame over the toilet, bath seat, and a perch stool in the kitchen, and that’s enough for me to get the discount).


Hey Dan, that`s interesting. I get the council tax discount…about £100 a year.

But I thought you had to have a separate room which has been adapted or built for a disabled person.

Your bits of kit have got you the discount too, so that`s great. Maybe others here didnt know about that.

Good reply!


Hi everyone,

My Husband and I both claim ESA (I have MS, he has a mental health condition). I found out last year that I could work part-time and still claim ESA as long as my job paid me less than £110 a week or £440 a month. I am still trying to find a job within those limits as staying on ESA gives me a stability.


I think you are allowed to work up to a maximum of 16hrs a week (it’s called permitted work) if you claim ESA.