Disability benefits for employed MS sufferers

I have recently been diagnosed with RRMS. I work 35 hours a week , some days are easier than others. My main problem at the moment is chronic fatigue and balance issues. By the time i get home from work i just want to lie down and fall asleep. As an MS sufferer does anybody know if i am entitled to any disabilty benefits? I’m thinking if i could claim some benefits i could cut back on my working hours.



Hi Max You could apply for PIP. (All info on gov website) only problem is there is a back log and its not guarenteed, it depends on the severity of your MS x

PIP is the one that springs first to mind. It is payable even if you are in full employment. You can find out more including how to apply at .gov Once you have this you can apply for working tax credits to top up your earnings (depending on your family circumstances) if you reduce your hours but you need to be working at least 16 hours. Another avenue to explore is Access to Work. They may be able to help make your working life easier by helping with taxi fares for example. Jane

Hi Max Like the other have said you can apply for PIP. I used to work full time hours and my body couldn’t take it anymore so I reduced them and then my doctor told me about PIP. I really didn’t think I would get help but I did. It’s not based on if you can work or not but if you need help on daily basis with various tasks. Jane is right once you get PIP you may be entitled to further help with tax credits. Good luck for when you apply. Polly x

I know where you’re coming from Max.

I work full time. By the time I have finished work I am totally drained and have no energy to look after myself or my house. I’ve heard of this thing called ‘the spoon theory’ which suggests that we have a finite amount of energy and that you have to be careful how you use it. By the time I have worked a full day, I have nothing left. I live in a house that is an absolute mess - to the point where I am too ashamed to let anybody come and visit me. I am single and have no family near by to help me look after my home. I can’t afford a cleaner and I can’t afford to drop hours at work. I am a total mess. I’ve been off work sick for the last few weeks because I was pushing myself too hard and I ended up crashing. Nerve pain, dizziness, yadda yadda.

I applied for DLA when I was first diagnosed in 2007 and got a letter back from the DWP saying that I wasn’t cooking for myself because I “lacked motivation”. I appealed the decision but that failed.

If you manage to fine a way through things then please let me know. I’m drowning here.


Hay Seren.
I know exactly what you mean about your DLA experience!
Mine was very similar about 4 years ago except I pushed mine to a Tribunal and was (unanimously) awarded low rate
mobility for life!

Fast forward 4 years and I appled for PIPs at the end of January due to my MS morphing into SPMS.
I have to say I found the whole PIP process easier to understand, you have set descriptors which you explain
if you can or cannot do etc.
It is not an easy or quick process but I have just been awarded standard care and enhanced mobility at the “first go”!

I say go for it!

Take Care.


Sorry Max!
Didn;t mean to high-jack your thread!
I would strongly advise you to apply for PIP!
Jusr remember the award is for how your condition affects your daily living and not the condition its’self.