what to do!!

Hi all

In need of advice! I have a interview on 3rd Jan, only part time tho but my dilemma is do I mention my current health issues, I feel that I should be open and honest because that me! But i dont want I to hinder my chances of getting the job…

Your thoughts will be appreciated.

Thank you

Vickie x

Hey I’m looking to go back to work after the new year so I’ve been applying but yea you should tell them because they have to consider you if anything they will consider you more and have to look at your application but if you have the qualifications and you feel discrinated then don’t be afraid to say xx Michael xx

Hi Vickie There have been similar questions on this site. Really it’s a mixed bag of responses - some do some don’t. You don’t have to. If you did and didn’t get the job would you blame disclosing. I appreciate you want to,be open and honest. But sometimes you have to look after number one first. If it were me I wouldn’t tell. Good luck whatever you decide Min xx

I have learned by my mistakes in our position look after number one nobody else will.

Jan x

Hello Vickie

If you feel you need to be open and honest then maybe you should.

How important is this job? If you said nothing then became ill, would it have a big affect on family finances if you had to give it up.

Look at the pros and cons, then make up your mind.

Good luck with the interview.