Getting an appointment

How do I speed up the process of seeing my specialist as I’m not due for another appointment until end of this year but my leg has become very difficult to walk on over the last week.

Hi, ring his secretary and ask for an appointment and tell her the problem.

Other than that, if you have an MS nurse, ring her.

Hope you get what you need.

luv Pollx

Thanks. I don’t have an MS nurse as one has never been allocated.

To make matters worse I’m starting a new job tomorrow!

the best way in my part of the country is to get referred via your GP


My Current GP is even more difficult to get an appointment with.

Looks like its the neuros secretary then.

luv Pollx

Ok I will try calling tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.

I just see ‘any’ GP at the practice , they’ve got your notes and just need a shove to refer you , or they even just take or give you a phone call here , if you think it’s a relapse stress the urgency


If only it was so easy they currently can’t find my notes! I think I will try and see the specialist through his secretary although I don’t hold out much hope of being able to see him soon irrespective of getting worse.

I had the same problem as you back end of last year, went to see my gp who faxed my neuro, hey presto an appointment in the post two weeks later, worth a try. Sue x

Ask the secretary if your neuro has a relapse clinic. I know mine is on a Tuesday and and usually has a few open slots for emergencies such as this. Might be the same with your neuro team. Good luck x

That’s great advice, many thanks.

Hi Lou,for what it’s worth I think your problems may be caused by stress over the new job.Hopefully, when you get started things will settle down.Are the new employers aware of the MS?

Be lucky,


No they are not aware as I know I wouldn’t have got a look in if I had made them aware, there is quite a few late nights, going to and from meetings etc so it’s quite a stressful environment to be honest buts that’s the nature of what I do.

Well suffice to say I can barely walk this morning so can’t make it to the station let alone get all the way to work, will have to call in sick which is not going to go down too well on my 1st day at a new job! And the fact it’s only a 3 month freelance stint will probably mean it won’t be held open for me.

One thing that you could try is to ring the Hospital and ask for:
“The MS Nurse”
“The MS Nurses”
“The Neurology Nurses”
depending on what you know about the setup.

You will get a nurse, and you can then lay the problem on him/her.

Act the innocent (as they say in Ireland), and ask what you should do. Don’t demand anything, but do pile it on a bit.

Most of the nurses involved in anything neurological are rather nice people, and very competent with it.


Yes I spoke to one of the nurses eventually and she is going to fax a prescription for steroids through to my GP, very helpful. Many thanks for the advice. Cheers.