been in agony for weeks finnally managed to get an emmergencey appointment to see my nuero.just about crawled into hospital in agony got to the day unit they told me to report i was told that it was not an ms clinic.they had no reccord of me attending any appointment.all they could suggest was that i went down to a&e and see a doctor down there .by this time i was reduced to tears and worn out my husband and i couldn,t beleive a big hospital could treat me like this.i simply don,t know what to do my mobility is just about gone,the pain gets worse each day and all the other symptoms seem to be just going from bad to worse.i simply don,t know what to do.rang my ms nurse and got an answering machine.lefta message but no ones contacted me yet.feel like giving up !

Never ever ‘give up’ it sound bloody crap but you have to look at your love ones who support you and work on one thing at a time. Break it down and you can beat it just don’t try to fight everything at the same time. Sometimes anger is better than anything to get me going and please don’t think I’m trying to be simplistic but when I am at my worst ( and by the sounds of it I’m I no way near you) I try to get angry at it and kind of talk to me MS and at the same time myself. I know it sounds odd but I have been known to shout at myself when things stop working and i promise in normal life I am not mad (well not yet at least)

Keep going and don’t let this crap ‘MS THING’ beat you. I hope you fell brighter soon.


This is dreadful Mistymoo. Can you get your GP to help and get a quick referral to your Neuro?. Surely, he/she can expedite something for you. I hope things improve for you soon, Teresa xx

You have been treated in an appaling way. Did you have the appointment letter to show? Or was it arranged over the phone. I agree with Teresa get your GP to demand another neuro appointment or keep calling the MS nurse and leave messages until they arrange something for you.

All the best


thanks for your good wishes and advice .as for gp she,s on matenity leave have to see a locum who really isn,t interest and can,t wait to go.have kept calling my ms nurse with out any joy still keeps going to the answering machine.i did have a letter,but from the time ireceived the letter to the time of the appointment they had changed the time twice and the place once,so the letter wasn,t much use.i,ll keep trying and hope to get some help from someone hope your all having a good day today and have a better one tommorow

Oh love, this is awful! we are sometimes treated as if we have all the time in the world to be messed about with.

as your post was dated yesterday, I truly hope someone has responded to your cry by now.

as for giving up…please dont...we want you here...........theres afety in numbers.

Oh, I`ve just read your blog about today.

Still left in the air, I see.

Thinking of you.

luv Pollx