Appointment keeps getting moved

My GP referred me for a neuro appointment at the beginning of August, and I initially got an appointment for early November. This was then moved forward 2 weeks to October, which I was really pleased with, but then today I’ve had another letter moving it back a couple of days. Now I’m not too upset with the actual wait, because I know what waiting times can be like, but I’m really unhappy that my appointment keeps moving. I only asked for time off work for the 2nd appointment time earlier today, and to then get home and see my appointment had changed again was a bit galling. Obviously I’m going to need to tell work to change the day off, but I’m going to feel like a bit of an idiot if it changes again, and I wouldn’t be surprised at this rate - the last change was only a week ago! Is it normal for appointments to be changed so often? And how can I avoid annoying work?!

I can understand how frustrating this must be for you, i have to wait until 16th oct and am currently off work.

to be honest if you take your letters to work they should really understand it is not your fault, but please if they get annoyed stand up for yourself as after the last 9 months i have realised if i don’t sort my health

i won’t have my job.

Hope the appt doesn’t change again Sonia

Thanks Sonia.

I could have cried yesterday when I saw it had moved again - it’s less than a week later, and I’m fortunate to be only having mild symptoms but I just want to know what’s happening! Had a very weird dream about the whole thing last night to boot.

Thanks for the advice about the letters - I’d rather not take them in if I can avoid it, because I’m a bit uncomfortable about them knowing I’m going to see a neurologist (well, senior management - my immediate colleagues/line managers know). However, I’m not that bothered and so if they do mention it I’ll take them in.

I think I’m going to focus on being lucky to have an appointment, and that if it does get moved again it can only get moved to a day with rather more difficult classes than the ones I’ll currently be missing!

Hi Dagny

It is so frustrating isnt it when appointments get moved. I had this with Opthamology appointments. First I was told one day which was before my first neuro appointment, then I got a letter changing it to about 2 months later, then the following day I got a letter saying that the doctors were going on strike and so that appointment had also been postponed. As I was going to my GP anyway, I mentioned it and she had her secretary phone them and tell them I needed an appointment before neuro appointment i.e. when the original appointment was!

I got an appintment before first neuro appointment in the end, but it was so annoying that the appointment got moved at all!

As if we need added stress!!

Hopefully your appointment wont get changed any more now.

Paula xx

Normally I’d say ‘at least it’s not just me then!’ but I think in these circumstances I wish it were just me, because noone should be messed around with appointments (unless absolutely necessary - I do understand that unexpected events/emergencies happen).

Fortunately my form hadn’t been passed on yet so I could change it without any difficulties. Fingers crossed it won’t be moved again and that I can stop stressing about it!

Hi now I do not have MS but most of the symptoms that people are talking about on this site says this is what this is I have type one diabetes and started showing those signs listed on this site 10 months ago but it isn’t MS got myself checked for any necrological disfunction. If anything they were able to come up with the brain is rewiring its self and activating dormant areas light a light bulb, we always look for the most simple solution but everything from the temp loss of motor control when the right side of my brain shut down and rebooted to the weird feeling around the brow area on the forehead. It sounds like allot of the cases mentioned is because some are becoming more healthy and decalcifying their pineal gland and its the next step in human evolution. I know I sound like some sort of spiritual nut case. When science finely catches up with this their will be more information out their, and I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone who thinks otherwise. I know myself their is more then what we know right now out their if you look into yourself you will find the answer.