loosing tone on bum

sorrry if this is a random thread, ive been sitting doing stuff on the pc tonight and ive noticed for a while that when siting on a hard surface i feel like i can feel the bones.

was just the right hand side when the ms nightmare began but now its both sides. i mentioned it when i went to see my own physio rather the ms one and he said its because ive lost tone in my bum.

can the tone be rebuilt or has it just disappeared.

ms really does throw some weird and wonderful things into the equation.

ok it doesnt affect my life but sitting on a hard surface im well aware its hard.

anyway just thought id ask


hi em

did your physio give you any advice on your bum?

it appears harder to work on our bodies with ms but if you get the right exercises, it can only be good to try.

meanwhile get a cushion!

carole x

Have you lost weight? The only time I have felt similar is when I have been underweight.

Yeah its def to do with ms as I only felt it I the right side but I feel it on the left now. I think I can pass a lot of their balance tests through sheer determination. I can do it but being an ex dancer I’ve always had really good balance standing on one leg was something I always did. So physio think I’m ok. But it was the private physio who suggested something different. This ms makes everything so confusing lol. Em x

Pelvic floor exercises will also help tone up the bottom muscles Em. Also you could buy a cushion similar to what’s used for wheelchairs etc. Have a look on line :slight_smile: