Ive Lost my 'MO JO'... sex problem :o(

Ive been lucky to have a great sex life for a long time now with my lovely kind and very considerate and patient husband.

Over the last few months I have noticed that I am not as sensative as usual ‘down below’ and I seem to of lost my ability to orgasm.

Is this usual and par for the course ?

Its obvious why Im going anon on this one guys.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Anon,

It’s not inevitable, but very common with MS, I’m afraid (in both sexes).

Have you recently had a relapse? If you have, some, or most of the sensation may return.

With me, it took several months. Luckily, I wasn’t in a relationship, so for me it wasn’t the highest priority, but I was aware of “not being right” in that respect.

I think I’m about 96 or 97% back to where I was - i.e, not perfect, but could perform, given the right circumstances…

It’s a shame it’s not 100%, but then again, I’m almost 46 now, so it’s probably unrealistic to compare with how I once was. I expect some changes are natural, at my age, whether or not I had MS.


Hi Anon This is touched upon in the section especially for women under ‘what is MS?’ on this site. Hope things improve for you. Teresa xx

Hi anonymous. Sorry to hear of your problem, this illness robs us of enough without taking our sex lives too!

You might want to look into purchasing an electric pelvic toning device, as they increase blood flow therefore increasing sensitivity, improve bladder issues no end, tighten up down there and - best of all in my opinion - make orgasm MUCH stronger!

I have a kegel 8 and, obviously after the last bit above, I love it. I am much more sensitive and orgasmic since starting using it, and I need to pee less often too. They are not cheap but worth every penny.

Drugs such as Amitriptyline do not help the libido. (Friends tell me that they tend to stop taking Amiltrip. on the day they are planning a liaison.), other anti depressants can also have an affect. My MS nurse always asks me if I have problems with sex, before he ticks the box, therefore I think you can be referred somewhere. If you don’t have an MS nurse you could see your doctor.



Hi Anon, I’m going anon as well, I seem to go between the two, hardly any feeling, and then too much, to the point of being uncomfortable, I’ve seen my GP because I thought I had thrush, but no, and my urine sample was negaive so she’s says it could be nerve damage, great, hope you get things sorted, Love Anon x