Hi all Hope I don’t offend anyone’s sensibilities here. Just wondered if any of the girls can help please? Have found that I can no longer achieve an orgasm. Is it possible if hubby is really persistent? Or do I have to say bye bye to this pleasure? Thanks.

Its something which is never broached by either neuro or gp unless pressurised, as womens sexual pleasure is never top of the agenda.

Ive found I can orgasm faintly, then most of the time cannot feel anything at all. You may also need to get a supply of ky jell because in search of an orgasm it may take a lot longer than previously. I do know a few years ago viagra was tried for women but then discontinued as it was reported there wasnt a good response.

I think youll find sensation in that area may come and go and sometimes take you by surprise. Dont give up hope and use fantasies to try help it along.

Good luck,


Take a look at these films from and see if they are useful.

Have you tried with a vibrator - also there is something that you can -l think- spray on that increases sensation. You should find it in Boots on the contraceptive counter. l have forgotten the name of it. lf l remember l will let you know. l think it is made by Durex.


Hi guys, Thanks for your kind replies. I will have a good think about what I should do.

Something that definitely comes and goes - when its numb, its impossible but when numbness has gone it just goes on for ever… good luck x

Thanks pink, Fingers crossed.

Girls sexual problems are caused mainly through ‘wiring faults’.Blokes can have wiring,blood flow,plumbing probs but there are ways and means.I’m sure people with a proper scientific understanding of MS might give you an idea. Mine is that you get an Anne Summers catalogue and have a flick through. There may be ideas that you are willing to try,either together or in a private moment.Something may help establish new nerve pathways.

Maybe the mood,location,oysters,champagne,clothing or lack of…

If you want to continue as you were I think you’ll have to be willing to try things,and 'praps you’ll have some fun on the way,


Wb has made some good points.

I am female and had lost my libido totally in the last few months. (not a sensation problem)

Have you tried watching porn? sexy books before bedtime?

Ann Summers toys?

I feel that the more you think about it - the harder it is to achieve.

Dont want to offend anyone here but try masturbation to see if you can achieve it by yourself. You will then know if the problem is ms/physical prob or is it emotional (all in your mind).

Try not to think of having an orgasm and just relax.

Good Luck

If it is lack of sensation that means no orgasm then you might find that viagra helps. A lot of GPs won’t prescribe it for women, but your neuro may do because there are studies that show it can help. The female dose is different to the male dose - I think it is half, but you’d need to check. Your GP might let you try some without MS nurse/neuro intervention if you take along some stuff from the internet about how it can work with women - worth a try?

Anti-depressants can make reaching orgasm difficult, even if sensation is OK. If you’re on amitriptyline or citalopram or something like that, then reducing the dose may help. If that’s not possible because of other symptoms, then perhaps a change of meds would help? It depends on what you’re taking them for of course. If it’s for MS symptoms and not depression, then it’s definitely possible to go onto something else.

Ginkgo biloba can help too - I know someone who took good quality ginkgo biloba liquid (bought from Chinese herbal shops) and it solved his anti-depressant-caused inability to orgasm. You need to take it every day though, and it ain’t cheap :frowning:


Karen x