letter from MS nurse

Hi all went to see my wonderful MS nurse last week and today received a copy of the letter she has sent to my GP and the continence team. I am alittle confused by some of the wording, what does increased tone in both legs mean? I must tackle my nurse next time and ask her to speak in plain english!. Any advise would be welcome as letter waiting for me when I got home from work and now sitting fretting



Hi Mark, just answered your PM.

Increased tone I think must mean increased muscle tone… this is a good thing and nothing to fret over. Means the muscles are still being used and have in fact improved.

Take care hon and relax. No bad news there.

Pat x

Hi pat thanks for the reply wife has been on google and looks like increased tone is all to do with spasitaty where MS is concerned. My right leg is the worse and the letter does say more so in the right leg so this makes sense. The wording is just so strange and I like you would have thought that it means my legs are more toned rather than weaker. I have had a referal to the bladder clinic as well so fun and games all round and it has been suggested that I use a wheelchair for days out etc so going the doctors after christmas to sort that out . I am also having to do a food diary to try and sort my weight out so looks like my chocolate is out now as well. Are well soon be christmas and a whole week off work - I have found that silver lining.

Take care


Hi folks,

Whilst in healthy people, tone is good, and what many people strive to achieve in the gym, unfortunately, in the MS context, we’re hardly ever talking good.

“Increased tone” here means “abnormal”. If resting tone (i.e. when not stressing the muscle) is too high, it will be resistant to moving. I suppose you can think of it a bit like the elastic being too tight.

My calves look really cool - as if I work out all the time. Unfortunately, the very high tone is not through my efforts, but purely the result of MS. Increased muscle tone (without consciously working out) was one of the very first symptoms I noticed - years before diagnosis.

Although my legs look pretty good, to anyone who doesn’t know, the depressing reality is they’re really tired and hurt all the time. :frowning:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.


Hi Mark, so sorry that I got it wrong. I always thought ‘tone’ was a good thing. Medical language is so confusing! Glad your wife managed to find the correct meaning but sorry it wasn’t great news.

Have you considered a scooter instead of wheelchair? If you are able to get on and off and walk a bit … ie in shops where you can’t get in on scooter (with fold up walking stick)… then they do offer a bit more independence as don’t need anyone to push and you are in charge.

Well worth considering anyway.

Glad you get some time off for Xmas. It’s SO hard to keep your weight down when you can’t do much exercise!

Apologies again Mark. Learn something new about MS every day!

Take care hon,

Pat x

Very interesting Tina. I had no idea!

I have noticed how muscular my thighs are which seemed strange as I’m not very mobile. Well, now I know!

Hope you doing ok hon,

Pat x

Hi, I was told eons ago that I had muscle tone when at rest. As others have explained, it isnt good for us.

That was why I first went on to baclofen. It does help.

Re weighty issues…after New Year, why not enquire about Slimming World classes in your area?

I am a full time wheelie and it is all too easy to gain weight when we are not so active.

I joined in May and reckon to have lost around 2.5 stones! I am unable to get weighed, but going by my reduction in clothes sizes and comments from folk, I guess it`s right!

It is the easiest weight reduction plan I have EVER tried, and ive tried em all!

There are felllas in the class and if it`s any consolation (yet infuriating to us females), men seem to lose weight much more easily!

Enjoy the festivities…I intend to!

luv Pollx

Pat it is no problem at all, like you say you learn something everyday and it is all so confusing silver lining we have good legs and thighs!!! Pat you dont need to apologise you have been a rock for me over the last few months, just someone to chat to makes the world of difference.

Poll yes know all about slimming world my wife and two daughters have been doing it for years, my daughter lost four stone and my wife two they do keep tying to get me on plan but I keep resisting but I know the time is getting near. Maybe now somebody else has suggested it I will take notice. Us men can be stubburn, too stubburn some times.

Hope you are both ready for christmas, my house is awash with christmas and must admit I am starting to get in the spirit - more to do with time off work me thinks.

take care ladies

love Mark

Mark you always lift my spirits

Have a great Christmas mate…

Love Pat x