loosing my marbles

Hi all. I think I am finally losing my marbles! A couple of days ago I took the bin bag out of the kitchen bin and it had got a hole in it so I got another bin bag out of the cupboard and put the full bag inside the empty one. then I took off my slippers and put my shoes on to take the bin bag out a put it in the wheelie bin, when I came back in the house I went to put my slippers back on but I couldn’t find them. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. I decided finally to look in the cupboard where I keep the bin bags and there they were. I laugh every time I think about it!

You could have put the new bag inside the first one, put your slippers inside the second bag before putting your shoes in the bin.

Can you have a look in your cupboard for my marbles?

I haven’t seen them for ages.

I think I’ve lost it completely.

yesterday hubby helped me into the car and l realised l didn’t have my glasses on , he went back inside to search for them came out fifteen minutes later by this time l was frozen as it was minus 3 .

he helped me back into the wheelchair so l could try to find them , we both searched high and low no glasses.

we had to leave for a GP appointment, we had been in the car for fifteen minutes and l found my glasses.

On my head.

is there any hope , it also proves how much my Hubby looks at me.

Margaret (

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LOL Margaret that is funny who needs glasses lol…

I had one the other day. i bought food for xmas, and now my daughter has decided to grace me boxing day i thought i would buy some baked spuds, they are already cooked and its easy enough to ping them in the microwave and shove a bit of salad on a plate and open a tin of ham lol.

so my friend and I put the shopping away. That night well morning about 3am i suddenly woke up and thought OH HELL, i remembered I had bought FRESH baking potatoes, and put them in the freezer lol.

So when i finally got up i retrieved them they were frozen solid. I left them out as I dont go to food bins my care lady does it and by the time she came, the spuds were bleeding all over my sink a colour off the bag and their little round spud shapes had sunk in the middle and were all soft and soggy, oh dear they dont do well being frozen lol…


p.s. My care lady popped to shop and bought me the right ones Bannisters lol.

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Glad to know I am not the only one going round the bend! and I did leave the rubbish bag in the kitchen until I found my slippers just incase I had thrown them in the bin. I have also bought a packet of biscuits and put them in the fridge!

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Hi AnthonyA. I think looking in the cupboard for my marbles would of been a waste of time! I doubt I would have found them!

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Tea routine.

Boil kettle. Place teabag in cup and fill with boiling water. Once brewed, put the teabag into the used teabag bowl. Take the milk out of the fridge and pour some into the used teabag bowl. Return the milk to the fridge and wonder why the tea hasn’t changed colour.

LOL now thats a good one. x MERRY XMAS steve. xxx

That is so funny!