Another grey day

Morning all. It’s another dowdy grey day up north, and my mood seems to be matching, I’m not too depressed just feeling dowdy etc.

so anybody got a funny story or something to cheer an old slow thing up a little…actually I did laugh this morning, I was getting dressed and could only find one sock, I wasn’t sitting on it, it hadn’t fallen on the floor and I was just about to put it back in drawer to get a pair out, when I realised I’d already put one on!! My son laughed and asked if I was a muppet or a mum, but I’m a very mummy muppet…made me laugh x

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A photon checks into a hotel and the receptionist asks if he would like some help with his luggage. He says “no thanks, I’m travelling light”

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Ooh I like that, a clever joke!

Slug I’ve done exactly the same! This was years ago too, way before I could use MS as a reason. I went to a friend’s 21st party, I’ll have been about the same age myself. I was putting jewellery on in the car on the way over and couldn’t find my other earring, turned my bag out and checked every pocket umpteen times, no clue as to where the other one had gone. It was only at the end of the night, when I was home and going to bed, that I realised I’d put them both in the same ear, what a dope xD

Plus of course, when I said to my friend about it at work on the Monday, she’s all, “I thought it looked like you had 2 in the same ear!” …

You made me smile, thanks x

I was playing Candy Crush this morning and if I leave it open and go on other things my computer runs slow so as I was playing Candy Crush this morning my computer was running slow so I closed it down to speed up Candy Crush.

Then I said to hubby. It’s strange Candy Crush has disappeared for some reason!! Oh dear!! That is bad isn’t it?


Lol, that’s such a typical MS thing, isn’t it? xD “what did you do that for?!” Has got to be a question we ask ourselves all the time xD