***Oh heck........***Only invisible nuts!***

Frustration is trying to find your glasses without your glasses…

My son found mine on my head once after trying to hunt them down 1/2 hr :frowning:

Hi H,nice to see you out,how are you doing? Have you seen Graf, he’s brought Heidi and the kids.Used to be one hell of a band wagon, with plenty of room for all of us.

Oh, the thing with glasses…The trick is to have lots of pairs spread around, all £1 shop.The receptionist at an Opticians I know wears them.Her boss says, “They’re alright as long as they don’t hurt,but get your eyes checked out”

S xx

Couldn`t agree more Steve, its lovely that Graf is back, hope he stays on and we can have some lighthearted banter like before.

Of course this will always be a forum for help and advice on MS but there should be room for a littel laughter as well.


I have glasses in every troom the only problem is I wander from room to room take of the glasses put them down in a different room and forget to pick them. Once a week have to go around collecting them all and starting all over again. Gonna try attaching a long rubber band to each and every pair lol.