glasses not necessarily ms!

Reading glasses that is, just spotted Mark Little’s front fastening reading glasses, if anybody else saw them and wondered about them, you put them over your head so that they hang round your neck and a magnetic clasp joins at the bridge of the nose, tried to explain as best I can, brilliant I thought, no need for chains and cords for your reading glasses,I am now wondering if you could swap the lenses for prescription asI’fed up of losing my specs or worse sitting on them! Had a quick search and typically they are American, maybe I’ll email them, but if anyone is interested and mods don’ object I could tell you the name of them,can’t post links from this tablet though.

l got so fed up with having to use specs for reading - putting them on - then taking them off. And also, l have had several falls because of using them to read a recipe or something whilst standing - then turning - and vision then out of focus and falling. SO - l decided to have lens replacement procedure. Looked up who was the best within a reasonable distance from me - and found a wonderful eye specialist in Leamington Spa. Went for an assessment - which went well - and decided to have it done. Told several friends - who all wanted to have theirs done as well. So we went mob handed - 5 of us - and now more friends are also keen to go.

One of my friends had cataracts - and this procedure sorts that out as well. ln fact, once it is done - your eyesight never deteriorates and we shall not get cataracts. lt took 10 mins - and l felt nothing. Straightaway l could read tiny print - now l have 20/20 vision. The lens are multi-function so for short and long sight. This is not ‘laser’ eye surgery - it is lens replacement. We are all so thrilled - and my friend’s husband - who at the start said - ‘l’m not letting anyone touch my eyes’’ - was so impressed he had his done - and every time l see him he keeps on about all the things he can see and read - and says it was worth spending the kids inheritance. Now he can ride his vintage motor-bike with the googles on his helmet - which was difficult to do before with his specs.

Dr Mark Wevil was the lovely chap who did it for us at Space Healthcare Leamington. Not the cheapest - but definitely one of the best eye specialists. Saw him first on Midlands TV. When it is your eyes - l feel you need to have the utmost confidence in your specialist.