Seeing is believing!!

After deliberating it for a couple of years - l went for it. Had Refractive Lens Replacement done - left eye was on Wednesday. Following day l had to go back for eye test and make sure all was OK. Told that l could drive. Second eye will be done next Friday.

Luckilly, l know two friends who have already had this procedure - and another two pals had theirs done the same day. You feel no discomfort - nothing. lt takes about 15mins.

To-day, l can read without glasses - Whoopeeeeeeeeeee. As l was sick of keep putting glasses on to read - then taking them off to walk about. And l had several falls that l think were caused by wearing my reading glasses whilst standing and turning.

Apart from all the cobwebs l can see - [and whiskers on my chin- Oh Dear] this morning l found myself reading all the small print on the bottles in my shower room. Before, l could not do this with my glasses on. And this is only the first eye. Colours are so much brighter. Just been out with the dogs on my scooter - had to wear my sunglasses to keep anything in from getting into my eye.

So glad l had it done - pity l did not do it sooner. My eyesight will not deteriorate - and l will never get cataracts now.

l am not supposed to lift anything heavy or bend down for a few weeks. Must not get water into them either. And no eye make-up - now this is the most difficult thing for me as l am a bit of ‘a tart’ when it comes to eye-makeup.

Love quiz programmes on the tele - and hated not being able to read the words on the screen. l love Only Connect - and l am quite good at it - but found myself standing right in front of the screen to read the clues.

lt is expensive - and we did choose the most expensive place to have it done as it was with the best eye specialist. But it is my eyes - and as l do not drink/smoke/ go on holidays/ do my own hair and nails - l think l am worth it. And think of the money l will save on spectacles!!!

Anyone thinking of having it done - please go for it. Some places offer interest free finance. We read all the reviews we could find before selecting our eye specialist.

We had ours done in Leamington Spa - about 45mins away from us.

Good for you Frances…you know you are a real Boudicca in my eyes…no pun intended there!

I laughed at you saying you are a bit of a tart…and why not indeed. Of course you are worth it darlin!

They’ll probably have to shoot me and you, in the end!

I love your gutsyness!

Love Pollxxx

PS to answer your earlier question, yeh vet will come to us when its time. Oh and did you get my pm re duette caths?

BRAVO…That must be so pleasing for you.Have you picked up a gun yet,to truly test the surgeon’s handiwork?

S xx

Well Wb - l might just try clay-pigeon shooting. [although they do take some cooking] l used to be a bit of an Annie Oakly - and my big brother was one of the top guns in UK. He is now thinking of having his eye sight corrected as he needs glasses. He used to train with the olympic team. ln fact the Prince of somewhere or other who sponsored the uk gold medallist - invited my brother- and his family - to go to Bahrain to shoot with him. My bro is now 68 - and considers himself too old to compete on a high level. But his young daughter 13 - is training.

Still keep reaching for my reading specs - cant get used to not needing them - and thats after just one eye done. Now l can wear a more ladylike watch. As even with a watch with large numbers l could not see the time. And l could not read any text messages on my phone if l was out with no specs.

Threading the needle, first go, on my sewing machine, is such a thrill.

Looking forward to friday -when l get the other eye done.

I will read up on this spacejacket, although I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to myself and having things done.

I hate wearing glasses and can’t wear contacts anymore.

Good for you, having it done.


well done you! i’m a complete wuss when it comes to having pretty much anything ‘done’, and i’m particularly wary of anything eye related. it must be great for you, though. keep enjoying looking around… but ignore cobwebs and chin fuzz

wendy xx

I’m going to be extra careful not to upset your family Fran.Who knows how good the young girl will be,but I have my hopes for her future.

S xx

When l say - this procedure does not hurt - l really mean it. They put lots of drops into the eye and it freezes it. You cannot see what is going on - but they talk to you all the time. l have two lots of drops which l shall have to use for a month. Steroids and anti biotics. l could see straightaway - read all the small print!!. l am having to wear sunglasses when out on my scooter to prevent anything getting into it. And at night l have to wear a clear eye guide over it. Can even read through that.

lts nothing like as bad as having a clean and polish at the dentist.

I was ok until you mentioned dentist

Seriously, it’s good to know the client doesn’t get to see what’s happening.


Well - had second eye done on Friday. Now have 20/20 vision - something l probably have never had before. Can read all the small print! Spend a lot of time cleaning/wiping /dusting- and plucking the whiskers off my chin.

l am over the moon - really. Friday eveing the eye specialist [Dr Mark Wevill] telephoned me to just to make sure l was comfortable and had no worries. Which was reassuring. Have to go back in two weeks - then a month/ 3 months/6months then yearly to make sure all is OK.

l repeat - You do not feel a thing - and its all over in 15mins. This morning l had a dental appointment - had to have an xray - l hated it - as it makes me gag having that xray pad pushed alongside of my tongue. l told the dentist that l had just had lens replacement procedure - and he said ‘Oh you are brave - l don’t think l could let someone do that to my eyes’ and l told him how much worse it was sitting there having him do a clean and polish and xray.

My cousin phoned me to see how l got on - She said its your favourite cuz here - l said l know Carole - l have bionic eyes l can see you down the phone.