My eyes are not good at the mob. Whenever I look up its double vision , constant floaters . Also everything feels like its moving , I feel like I’m on a ride . My vision is also blurry . I can’t seem to judge distances either which is not good at all if I drive . I spoke to my doctor yesterday and she said the quickest thing to do rather than being reffered , is to go to the local eye hospital a&e . I want to go but just don’t know what they can do to help ? Or if I will be just sent back home again . Not sure what they could actually do to help ? From Sam x

Your eyes aren’t working together properly by the sounds of it in which case a lot of it might be helped by prisms which are basically a bit of a shape added to lenses in glasses. I’m not an ophthalmologist though (obviously!), so seeing someone at the eye hospital could get you a proper explanation of what’s happening as well as guidance on exactly how to deal with it.

Definitely worth a try I would think.

Karen x

I would say if you are lucky enough to have an Eye hospital a and e then go. I went to my optician, who referred my to my local hospital eye clinic, took 8 weeks, only then to be told that I needed the 1st available appt with an Opthamologist, another 7 week wait! All I know is it’s not ON. I too struggle with driving due to judgement problems, double vision and find it hard to focus. Glad I have an iPad as the zoom in means I can read the text! Let us know how you get on

If there is anything wrong with your eyesight especially blurred and double vision and above all problems with judging distances, you should not be driving, Suppose you have an accident? Please think very carefully before you put people at risk.

Well i think i made the mistake of ringing them first.Apparently as im not going blind etc it will have to wait until monday .

So got to go at 10 on monday .Havent been driving for 2 weeks now as my eyes are bad ,i wouldnt drive how they are now .Was driving before but my doctor said i was ok to ,but ot now .

Sam x

hey hun hope your appt goes ok on Monday def the right place to get get checked out… it’s hard not driving I know have been not able to drive since jan this year…hopefully you will havea better idea of whats going in and they can get you into an out patients clinic to be seen by a specialist…so fingers. tossed for you e x

Thanks x

Well I went to get my eyes checked , ended up being up there 2 hours ! Had 2 different loads of drops put in , saw 3 different people . They want to see my old notes and check to see if my vision problems at the moment are anything to do with what I already had going on with my eyes . They did say 1 of my eyes the vessels in them are not the same as the other eye and do I suffer with my blood pressure . She sent me off to have my blood pressure checked which was ok . They are sending me an appointment through to see them in 4 weeks . So at least I had them thoroughly checked :slight_smile: Sam xx