Good News!! I can see clearly now....

Hi Everyone,

I’m so happy that I feel compelled to share some good news…

It’s been a long slog, but finally I am able to see clearly now that I have some new specs!

Probably one of the most significant problems that I have experienced (to date) is sudden onset of double vision which I first noticed upon waking one morning in June 2011. My eyes have been checked on several occasions since then and I have been doing eye retraining exercises (with little effect) for some time.

Finally, it is acknowledged that the problem is not going away of its own accord and I have just picked up some reading and long distance glasses (with prism lenses).

WOW!! What a difference they have made. I feel liberated. I can read without having to squint or shut one eye, I can see the television, but most significantly, I have been able to drive for the first time in months!! Hooray!!

I do feel for others going through similar circumstances and pray that my post will give some hope

GOod for you and yes it is helpful to hear - am having dreadful probs and seeing eye specialist soon - hoping for a solution as effective as yours!