Eyes again

Hi hope your well this morning ( Wellish anyway ) Wonder if any one has experience of this , had double vision for 12 weeks , suddenly 70% improved then 2 weeks later more improvement just left with it far left, so good news . But when I look at things and move my head seems eyes take awhile to catch up and focus,doesn’t happen if I cover one eye . Is this still part of the diplopia they seem to delay working together Thanks as always , you are really a godsend helping me through this Grayx

Hi Gray

I get this sort of thing when my ON plays up, which is most days to be honest especially when it is humid.

As well as the vision problems it feels as though my eyes are in a pot of paste and when I move them they are very sluggish. Sometimes it is a real effort to move my eyes.

Take care and hope it is cooler where you are today. It is much cooler here in Bristle!!

Shazzie x

Thanks If it is ON hope it will clear by itself. Never thought a flare would last this long Thanks Gray