Eyes , finding things to bright

Hiya Posted yesterday about numbness . Thanks for your replies . Last two days my eyes are finding things really bright . Like the tv is bright ect . It’s fine in the day but at night I’m really struggling with things . Even normal house hold lights I’m finding bright . Eye played up before and they said it was optic neuritis . Could it be the same again ? Or is it part of my relapse ? Anyone had this before ? So many symptoms at the same time with this relapse xxxx Hope your all well as can be cxxx

It ‘could’ be a swelling of the optic nerve brought on by Multiple Sclerosis according to my wife, an Optometrist.


Oh no I hope not . I had it before in my other eye . Thanks Marcus and wife . I prob should contact hospital eye department where I went before then . Do you think I should do that or wait to see if it gets better ? Hope your well

'Praps you could try sun glasses for a while.


Hiya Minder,

I suffered that whilst enduring ON. I wore a peaked hat, would close the curtains during the day and got myself some tinted specs from Irlen lenses, thus stopping all the unnnecessary bright yellow tinge which made the world make me sick. Have you also noticed your dont like anyone touching you, or loud noises?

I played lots of music during that time as it calmed my senses down a little.

Im afraid you may have to wait it through. Mine went eventually but took quite a while.



Hiya guys xxx No I’m ok with touch thing Bren . It’s just my eyes are hurting with the lights . I’m hoping it will pass soon . Hope your well xxx I try the sun glasses wb thanks xxxx