Hi - eye advice and a general rant and advise

The last few days I noticed my eye sight in my left eye wasn’t so clear and I think it has definitely remained so I can see ok my other eye is fine and not it’s double vision just cloudy. One should I go to optician I saw him when there was something vaguely like this in January. But it kinda went away Anyway something changed 3/4 days ago and my eye is really sore to touch. I have completely overdone things the last few days and just kept going I know a difference when I get up but then who knows as I think I’ve relapsed lots the last year and I’m starting to get peedoff just want to get on with life I know you need to respect ms or it wins and I do think I prob haven’t but not sure about eyesight thing. And I’ve taken it into my head to view a house tomorrow all one level but I would have to sell here. And my ex well we had reached an agreement the weak before he moved out and 2 weeks later I got Ill After second official relapse and dx I said we need to rethink agreement as I was expecting to go back to a good job etc not this rubbish that is ms. And he said tell her that’s what you agreed to just because you get ms claim disability. Just tell her that. I’m living in the family home he’s in a house he built himself that we were supposed to sell he sold our other house and has 4 plots all of which are paid for . I just don’t need this hassle. Then last week his family havent seen willow since she was 4 weeks when I was in hospital mum and dad had the kids they never offered and ex wouldn’t take a day off work ( he’s his own boss with a team) so he could have. He’s like maybe I’ll take willow for the day which means seeing them I don’t mine him seeing her but they made their decision when they offered no help. I could cry I know the stress isn’t helping and normally it’s under control.