Hi all. Just had my eyes tested today. Never had problems with my eyes before but since my dizziness and coordination problems started I wondered if perhaps there’s an off chance glasses could help? Optometrist said I am slightly short sighted in my right eye and slightly long sighted with a slight astigmatism in my left eye, but its entirely up to me if I want to wear glasses as my vision is still good. Would really be interested to know if anyone else with these sorts of symptoms has found wearing glasses helps? It’s a long shot but I’d do anything to feel a bit more normal again.

Hi, I had a very slight prescription that the optician said that it may help with glasses or be an ms thing. The glasses haven’t helped. That’s only my experience though. I get blurry vision. My depth perception is not good. I can stop at shadows thinking it’s a step. Used to get dizzy a lot, now it’s just if I’m tired or unwell. Are you on any med? Some of the side effects are atrocious. Hope you find something that helps, Lynn

Hi there Thanks for the reply. I’m not on meds right now, only had CIS diagnosis so just playing the waiting game! I feel like my depth perception is awful too. Very noticeable sadly as I play cricket. Think I’ll give glasses a miss, was just a thought!

Hi, Rachael has the same thing, long sighted in one, short sighted in other. Optician said it would be a waste of money getting glasses as her vision was still good and she can read without squinting. He predicted that she might need glasses by the time she is 40 odd and probably just cheap readers at that. Linda x

Hi beowulf,

Dont be too quick to pass up on glasses. Given what your eyetest showed, they could make a big difference. What happens when the two eyes send different signals to the brain is that the poor old brain has to average them to come up with the percept that you “see”. Anything that you can do to relieve the brain of this extra work can only be good.

It would be pretty much the same if one eye was almost OK (but, say, shortsighted) and the other one was really bad. Note also that some of the data from each eye is passed to the opposite side of the brain, and that data has gone through two stages of processing after the retina receptors, so the brain has really got some work to do.

Why don’t you try a pair of glasses from the budget range just to see what difference they make?