Am I loosing my marbles?

I’ve just about had enough of this condition at the weekend was helping hubby with his archery club raising funds ( feel I want to support something he does as he is stuck with me all the time) Someone gave me 50 pence for a cup of tea and I just stared at them as though they were talking a foreign language I asked them why have you given me this (by the way I couldn’t even realise it was 3 ten pences and a 20 ) this went on for several minutes until Rob came to the rescue I think it was the panicked look on my face, the chap got his cup of tea and I wanted to run and hide. Today I had a meltdown when trying to help Rob knock some staples in a fence,hammer staple post the 3 went together but my co-ordination was crap and I dissolved into tears. Then this afternoon I needed to book a safety test for the daughter’s job but the automated telephone system had me in tears so waited on phone for 26 minutes to talk to someone to be told email her degree to them then PHONE back !!! can’t face it .My legs belong to someone else yesterday went to hospital for review of my eye surgery when my name was called I couldn’t get my legs to move I nearly fell over in the crowded waiting area then joined the ministry of silly walks.Does it get any easier I am finding it hard not to be bothered by my symptoms

Hi stella no you’re not losing your marbles hun i do the most weird things just about everyday one thing i do a lot is start making a coffee then few hours later find my mug still next to the kettle with the coffee and sugar in it.put the milk in the cooker too wasnt on though lol .i am often stumbling over have the bruises i feel like I’ve lost the plot.what hurts is one of my daughters always declines me from looking after her 6month old son now dont think she trusts me i have 9grandchildren i have the older ones for sleepovers .you’re not alone stella x

Thanks Sparky there is only so much I can blame on being Blonde. I have to set a timer when I make a meal my whole concept of time has gone and Rob prefers not to have burnt tea every day. I often make weak tea ( no tea bag )so Rob usually does that. Hope you get your appointment sorted soon. I don’t have grandchildren yet so I get to spoil my friends daughter instead it’s great fun.Take care Sue

Hi Sue,

It’s so frustrating isn’t it realising that we are not as mentally ‘sharp’ as we used to be. I perform some quite interesting linguistic mangulations and transposing of words or sentences. My son and I usually just try and laugh at them but it is not so funny at work.

I was trying to tell my son the other morning about the racket the birds were making in the early morning and called the magbirds and blackpies

Ah yes, tumbleweed moments - “Could you pass me the …(desert scene with tumbleweed rolling by)…That thing - there, no the one with the pointy bit at the end”.

I still have the odd one or two, but nowhere near as bad as I was before seeing the Neurologists.

If you haven’t already, get your VitD levels checked by the GP, if its low they can prescribed high level VitD3 - has made a world of difference for me, some people also take B12 supplements.

Thanks Therea the doctor has done a raft of bloods I get the results next week it is getting quite bad at times I am finding I stop and think carefully before I speak and when I get things wrong I have to try to laugh it off. Sue