Im so stupid (not ms)

Ive gone and lost my card wallet this has my bus pass and the pass that lets me take my scooter on the bus.

Als it contained credit cards and a varitey of others like boots ect, just spent half the day phoning round asking if its been handed in with no luck, then spent ages on the phone cancelling cards, now i have to try to get new bus pass and scooter pass, what a pain in the bahookie.

Thankfully the credit card hadnt been used( i only keep it for emegancys} so here i am kicking myself for being so stupid.


I do hope so im so annoyed at myself B

Hi, Crochunter, I agree with Pat you will probably find it now you have cancelled everything. Last week I was searching everywhere in the house for my glasses. I must have spent over an hour looking and I am a very tidy person so was getting panicky and frustrated when I couldn’t find them. I decided to make myself a cup of coffee and then resume the search. Lo and behold I went to get the milk out of the fridge and there they were on the top shelf. Anne x.