It's not my fault!!

Honestly! my husband. He give’s me…of all people, a spare key to the car, to keep safe. A chap was coming today, to take it away and clean it for us.

My husband ask’s me for the spare key. Well, fancy expecting me to remember where I put it for safe keeping…the very nerve of him. He knows perfectly well, my memory has gone off to la la land.

We finally found it in a bag I used when we went to visit my daughter…hey ho

Lucky you found it - similar happened here years ago, Mr Val gave me the spare key to his car to look after. Never found it and had to get a spare key made. It was a bit expensive!

having read all your experiences with keys - i MUST remember to take my radar key out with me!

i’ll put it on my car keys bunch.

so thats my last job for today.

carole x

This rings sooooo many bells for me. I HATE it when OH says "where are your keys? " Cue panic.

I am pleased you found your keys, I usually find them in my pocket but I do have a little table in the hall where I’m supposed to put them! And usually do.

It’s not always a good idea to put them on a table near the front door as I have heard of burglars stealing them and taking off with the car. They wouldn;t get very far with mine as I only drive a buggy these days.

I have been known to find things in the fridge, the first place my OH suggests these days.

Wendy x

all my keys are hanging in a ring attached with a metalchain in my handbag and come where ever I go… gingerlil

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I’ve found my keys in the fridge before. Spent an hour looking for them, was supposed to be meeting friends, when they came to mine, as I couldn’t get there, found them when I went to get milk out for the coffee, doh! This was years ago, long before I started having problems, don’t stand a chance Do I.

I’ve been known to throw important things into the kitchen waste bin. I shoudn’t giggle, watching my husband searching through the rubbish…I know it’s childish I’m blaming it on my age

Obviously whats happened is (since you are a Gemini) - he initially gave the key to the evil twin side of you & then was the asking the nice twin side of you to find the key but the evil twin side didn’t tell you where she put it!!!

Thats the excuse I use anyway


18 months ago my son was turning the house upside down looking for his driving licence for his resit test and then it was in my important documents folder where I had first looked and sworn it wasn’t there!!! The air was a bit blue that day but I didn’t see it the first time around. I think he sneaked it in there when I wasn’t looking just to make me think I’m going mad …

Reminds me of my wife she put £85 in an envelope for the in-laws when they next visited that was 10 months ago still hav’ant found the envelope

the only thing she can come up with is she thinks she might have shredded it?

ha ha ha ha

respect sheep