chuffin` `ell...........roll on bedtime! (not MS)

Good afternoon playmates!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine It`s .nice and bright, but not hot enough to knock me for six, like a few days ago.Good!

So there I was, at 10 am today, lying on the bed, PA sorting me out, when the phone rings.

Hubby picked it up. When I heard the tone of his voice and short answers, I knew summat were a miss!

He says, `Oh , no, we didn`t know. Oh right. I`ll give her a ring now`. I asked what was wrong. he said `Lindsay`s car has been stolen off their drive in the night.` It was our son in law to be...............the chuff that lives with Lins sister.

My rapid response was `Who the chuff would want to steal a little old micra? What is she gonna do now? The insurance won`t pay enough to get another!`

Now remember, it`s only a few weeks ago that my hubby bought this car for our second daughter, when she was desperate and was intending to bike her 3 yr old to nursery and her 9 yr old to school and then set off for work, 5 miles away. we were so worried there might be an awful accident. The car was bought with money hubby had saved from stopping smoking and he wanted to buy me summat special for our 40th wedding anniversary last week. We both felt good that we were able to help her when she really needed it.

Anyroad, hubby then spoke to Lins, who assured him her `Ruby` was sitting happily on the drive.

It was at this moment we both realized we had been April Fooled. I was chuffin` fuming at this `joke`.

It wasn`t funny, it wasn`t was downright chuffin` sick!

When hubby rang the perpitrator, he told him he was fooled, but that I was not a happy bunny!!!!

No, I wasn`t!

luv Pollxx

Oh Poll,

That was a horrid April fool to play on you. I hope they feel really guilty now for upsetting you.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. sending (((((((HUGS)))))))



Oh dear I think that was an April fool too much, not very nice. Hope your week improves tomorrow. Xxxx

Not nice at all Poll. They were unkind to upset and worry you.

Teresa xx

Oh dear Poll, not a very good idea with hindsight hope they got a good telling off.


Not funny at all! My car WAS stolen off the drive and it is very far from even remotely amusing.


Alison x

Thanks everyone. You all saw how cruel this antic was. Thought I was over reacting, but no, you`ve all agreed with me.

Been to t`ai chi class today, so now I`m feeling more chilled.

luv Pollx