looking for people

i am looking for local people in wittering or stamford cambridgeshire, to get to know.anyone that has ms and is on here from these areas please contact me . thankyou



I'm afraid I live in Kent but thought I might bump you up a bit so you may find someone in your area,

If you need to chat anyone on here would be only to pleased.


Janet x

Hi Shirley

I live in Birmingham but I’m from Rutland originally and my family still live in Oakham so I spend an awful lot of time there, especially when I’m recovering from a relapse!


thank you janet for bumping me up, i would like to find local people, i have since found a group in the area called the wobblers and i am meeting them all on sunday for lunch xxxx

Hello Shirley,

Only to pleased to have helped.

Enjoy your Sunday lunch.

Janet x

Hi Janet

I live just outside of Stamford, and would love to know more about wobblers, it sounds just my thing!!!

Love Jess

Hi jess it is a group who meet up every once and a while for lunch. They are meeting tomorrow and I am going along for first time I can’t get onto computer at moment so later on I will contact you again with details. It would be good to meet you.

Hi Shirley,

I hope you have a good time with them tomorrow.

Please let me know more about it, I think it would be good to meet up.

Take care


hi here is the email address of the man who runs the wobblers, i will let you know how i get on tomorrow [email address removed by Moderator - please PM poster]



Hi Shirley,

I hope you have a good time with them tomorrow.

Please let me know more about it, I think it would be good to meet up.

Take care


[/quote] hi jess i will defently let you know about it and we can meet up in stamford maybe for coffee some time

hi anonymous, i am trying to meet people in the area to meet up for coffee and have a good old moan about things that we will all understand. pm me if you are interested, jess is also from stamford area maybe we could all meet up

Hi moseleygirl,i live in Birmingham

i should have guessed you are in Brum to with your name

Kind regards John

Hi John,
I wasn’t very imaginative with my name was I?!
Do you go to any of the Birmingham groups? I went to the Tai Chi exercise class today and met some lovely people. I’m heading off to Rutland for some R and R with my family as I’m recovering from a couple of episodes that hit in quick succession but I’m hoping to go to some of the other groups when I’m back.

Hi I,m from London hope you find some more friends tc r.ahmed

hi you said you were from stamford

Hi Zoe,no i have not gone to any of the groups yet,but would like to at sometime

in the future, i recieve the email news letters about the groups meetings.

I would hope to attend the activities when i eventually have a powerd wheelchair.


Hi John
Hope you’ve had a good weekend. I’ve only been to that one group so far but I have to say it made me feel so positive in so many ways. Just getting out the house was a good start, I didn’t have to explain why I was sitting down, I didn’t have to explain what MS is and I could just enjoy meeting a group of really friendly people.
How long have you been waiting for your wheelchair? I hope that it comes along soon
Zoe x