Hi there

Just like to say hi to everybody :raised_hand: I have just joined this forum, so am finding my way around. I have had ME for last 25 years or so.

I live London so it would be good to chat to people from London as everyone else too.

Catch you soon

hi dibbs

i’m in greater manchester but you have to start somewhere!

hope you get lots more replies with many from london.

carole x


I am 55 miles south of London, so maybe you next reply will be from London.


You’ve has ME or MS?

i belong to a few groups who meet in real life.

about a third with MS, a third with ME and the rest a mix of stroke, heart trouble etc.

we are all under neurology.

Watcha mate,

Fellow Londoner here born and bred, I’m sure there are others too, but all of us here have a contribution to make of one sort or another regardless of where we live or hail from.

I’m sure you’ll find membership beneficial.