Gerard can now give up trying to find a group

Hello Everyone,

I really thought someone could reply about groups in the area, as i have tried myself to find a group that does not just sit in little groups in community centres and play little raffles, like life is over and this is all we have to look forward to. We are looking for groups that go to places once a month like carvery or brewers etc, even pizza hut, but it proves my point . THERE ARE NO GROUPS IN LONDON THAT DO THIS AND I WILL TELL GERARD WE CAN JUST GO AND GIVE UP TRYING. OBVIOUSLY EVERYONE OUTSIDE LONDON DOES THIS BUT WE CAN’T GO THAT FAR. I REALLY THOUGHT LONDON SHOULD BE BETTER AT THIS. Whats the quote 'if you are tired of London, then you are tired of life. Hopefully someone will have the correct quote. London people with ms WHERE ARE YOU NOW ?. Everyone on facebook has there own little groups and this forum here is dying. Its not just for information, it should be a place where other people feel free to rant a little now and again, not on facebook for the world to see.

Rant over. with regards


Hi Sandra

Have you used the ‘near me’ search tool at the top of this website? That could be helpful or even ringing the MSS helpline, they might know of a meeting close to you? Also maybe ask your MS nurse if you have one? Failing that why not start your own one, using facebook and this forum to recruit people? Hope you manage to find something.

Good luck

Laura x

Hi Sandra, I`m sorry that you didnt get the kind of help you asked for.

This forum isnt just about MS. There are many things, with a wide variety of subjects, which get posted. We know how to appreciate a joke too.

I dont believe this site is dying…new people come and go, oldies are here almost daily (me, for instance).

I really hope you get some useful replies this time.

luv Pollx