Hello Everyone,

I managed to go to the Cake international show on Saturday where i met up with 3 lovely ladies who were registering people for doing a cake break. It was nice to talk to them and i spoke about having a bigger event for people with ms in london like the excel or the design centre in Islington. We are isolated and have no real support, and as much as we like and miss the group we joined in

chadwell we are hoping to join another existing group nearer in london outskirts. So this is a message for anyone in the boroughs of Hertfordshire near barnet end, finchely, camden, islington, or anywhere within a 15 mile radius from haringey. We would like to meet up. I have looked on these boards and there does not seem much going on unless you are in essex. Services and groups seem bigger, let me know if i have this wrong. Maybe our families are right with their bullyish behaviour and somehow we don’t exist socially anymore so they won’t bother asking us. Anyone else experiencing this ?.

We have tried getting out and doing things for ourselves, guess what its just us, so we are trying again. Hence this message. I explained to the ladies i met that London branches have not got together and had a big meet up since a big meet a few years ago in the head office edgeware. Do we really need to move out of london altogether ?. We are not and i am not in a position to set anything up for young people with ms in this area. Access to knowledge of younger people living in this area is not great and this (on here seems the only access). Its only once a month, and we are aware of other people experiencing relapses, but we must get something going in london for london based people of all ages. London MS/access all ages. This would be good to see how other london boroughs and their support services for people with ms are run and exhange ideas (even in these difficult times). I know we can exchange support and advice on this forum but for the time we can get about it would be good to physically meet people and put faces to people we could also email.

Best wishes ( i am doing my best in remembering this password this time, even when i have wrote it down i forget where i put it so if i have trouble replying you will know why). (Is there a east,west, north and south branch ?. How come outside countys seem to have it more organised).

Sandra and Gerard