Need a friend?

I don’t always find this site the easiest to navigate through. Want to find an alternative?

I am looking for a friend/friends who understands, whatever you are happy with, messaging, emails, phone, face to face.

No-one is alone, no-one should be alone.
Let’s catch up, windge about the world, crack a joke…

Send me a message, and we can arrange a chat or meet up.

You won’t get to know anyone unless you make that first step.

East Midlands

Have a great day :grin:


There are a network of local groups around - have you reached out to one of those? Find support near you and local Facebook groups.

One thing I find strange on this site is there is no place for participants to include Bio’s. I suspect this is deliberate, to protect privacy, but for those so disposed, it may assist communication & sharing if age, gender, status, location, diagnosis and current health could be presented. That said, it shouldn’t be a dating site either!

Will have a look, thank you,
I can’t even add a pic!
I get the privacy thing, but so many people I have chatted to, just can’t find them ? I am looking for a friend,

Thank you,

Are you ok?

Cruella? Send me a message, can’t find you? Lol
I actually went to see the new “Cruella” movie, loved it! Just reminded me :grin:

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I think a chat room would be good idea. I’m happy to chat to most folks.

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Hi have you tried they have a buddy network.

Sue x

I enrolled on but it’s very commercial, wanting you to subscribe to this & that. I’ve unsubscribed: too much noise, not enough benefit. Doesn’t mean everyone would feel the same though

Hello, saw your message, good idea! How can we set one up? Sure alot of people would love to speak to others. Hope you are ok & having a good weekend.

Will take look, :grin:

I’ll have a look around, see what there is. Surprised there ain’t one on here tbh.

Hi message me I am hopeless with the forum X

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I’m in the East Midlands too :blush:

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I looked at Discord and have registered. Not obvious how to use it. I’ll ask a teenager - they use it when gaming. GCCK as on here.

I’m nearly in E Mids - in Rugby, on the border. E Mids a couple of miles up the road!

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Hi Cruella, I’m here, good weekend? Interesting profile name, what’s the story? Yes, I would like to stay friends :grin:

Hi all, I’m in East Mids too - Derby