Need a friend

Hello all,

hope you are all good.

I have been ok for a few years but recent events have kicked off and I find myself getting more and more isolated from the world…I have been advised to get myself back out there. I am looking to make some new friends wether internet friends or meet ups, is there anyone out there in a similar situation?

Love to hear from you. Ana.

hi ana

you’ll find friends on this site.

if you can get to bolton, i arrange meet -ups of a group of neurology patients at a pub which serves good food.

it is quite informal and a small group with the nature of ms meaning that sometimes it’s only two.

private message me if you want more details.

search your memory banks for old friends that you lost touch with.

i did exactly that and managed to get in touch with them.

they all have their own health issues as we are all getting older but the warmth is still there.

work on it ana because you could be pleasantly surprised.

carole x

You’re in the right place to find friends, we all have various types of Multiple Sclerosis. Congrats on your post, it’s generated an invite for Carole’s MS Group in Bolton.

If you’re able to travel you’ll meet like minded people. Maybe find a M.S.Support Group near to you. Join in any of the chats, anytime. Take care

Chrissie x

Is there a local MS therapy centre near to you? If so it could be a starting point to meet people in the same position.

Whereabouts do you live, satsuma?

Hey Satsuma, Hope you’ve had a better day :slight_smile: Devi :slight_smile: