Need a friend

Hello everyone,

Finally I got a good place to be free to talk about MS, my name is Alia and I have the MS from 2012 and I had a difficult time with that but now I have a medicine to fight it. I come here to read a lot of things about MS, I need to meet a MS friends and I can be free to talk with anyone about it because I don’t have a friends can know what is MS, and I can’t find anyone who can understand me when I’m talking about it, that’s why I don’t like to tell my College friends that I have a MS.

can anyone help me!!

Hi Alia and welcome to the site.

I am sure there are lots of people on here who will be happy to chat to you.

I suspect I’m a wee bit older than you and have SPMS (Secondary Progressive), what type of MS have you got? I suspect RRMS (Relapsing Remitting MS) as it sounds like you have been prescribed DMDs (Disease Modifying Drugs).

Good Luck!


Hey Alia, How are yer ? This is the place to talk… Hope you’re ok Andy

Hi Anne,

Me too I will be happy to chat with them :slight_smile:

yes I have the (RRMS) and fight it by hypodermic needle

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Andy,

I’m fine thanks, what about you?

Yeah it’s a good place :slight_smile:

thank you