Looking for a ‘phone pal’

Hi All,

My mother in law Lynne has suffered from MS for over 30 years, and is bed ridden with a live-in carer. She doesn’t have internet access, and relies on the TV and radio to keep her busy when she doesn’t have visitors popping in. She would like to have more company. I was advised by the MS Society helpline to post on this forum - I thought I would see if there is anyone in a similar position to Lynne.

Years ago she had a penpal via the MS Society newsletter, and she would like to start up a companionship again via phone calls with a fellow MS sufferer of a similar age, and someone with shared interests, male or female. If you are local to Essex perhaps you could even arrange to meet up.

Lynne lives in Essex, she’s just turned 63, and has three sons and a granddaughter. She is very chatty and friendly. She loves going out for lunch and shopping with her carer, and has a cheeky sense of humour. She’s young at heart and enjoys shopping for new clothes, especially at Monsoon. Her TV favourites are Downton Abbey, Gogglebox, Formula 1, Countryfile and Midsomer Murders.

Please let me know a little about yourself and I can put you in contact with Lynne

Many thanks,

Evike [Surname removed]

So sorry as apart from the MS Monster I don’t believe that your mother-in-law and me would have much in common. She sounds like a really lovely lady and I really hope a new pal is found for her. She’s so lucky to have a wonderful daughter-in-law like you.

Tippy x