Living it up on DLA

A question that I hope somebody can answer. If I can save some DLA and get some money in the bank (pipe dream) and it goes over the £6000 limit before ESA makes deductions. Will the DWP still make the £1.00 per £250 deduction seeing that the money is DLA? Or do they disregard it because it is saved DLA? Pat

I’m afraid I think savings are savings. There won’t be an exception/exemption because you saved it out of benefits. They won’t care where you got it from.


savings? what is this “savings” you speak of?

That’s my take on it, yes! As current savings rates are almost all sub-inflationary anyway, which would mean it’s worth less, in real terms, the longer you keep it, you’d probably be better doing what it’s meant for, and spending it to improve everyday life.


Savings? what is this “savings” you talk of? :stuck_out_tongue:

Put aside? Would that be for the astronomical heating bills, or the ongoing costs to repair damages walls, doors etc by wheelies…as it is in our house. There are other things i use to spend mine on…hardly luxury items, just stuff to make living with a chronic condition a tad more comfortable…like clean sheets every day as I wet mine most nights.


luxury items like food, heating, fuel…

Hi Pat I recently bought a Beko machine which has shorter wash cycles…shortest 12 mins and average 30 something. It’s fab.

Hi Pat I didn’t know that. This is my second Beko over ten or so years and I also have a Beko fridge and a freezer…no problems at all. In fact I find them very efficient, hence the repeat buying !! My washer is model number WMD 78144 and I bought it from Boots ( advantage card points !!). It’s nice and quiet too.

Pat - another one to consider is Hotpoint…we’re on our second (first only replaced as it got damaged in a house move - it was still going strong after 8 years). Our new one has a 30 minute cycle and you can create your own cycle in the memory - I have made a 43 minute one which is perfect for us for almost everything!). It’s an Ultima WMUD942 which is very quiet and has a 9 kg drum. And no, I don’t work for them lol!!

I don’t know what i’ll do when my Dyson dies :frowning: bought it in 2003 for washing horse rugs, still going strong!

Eeee, there`s nowt worse than a muddy pussy!!!

luv Pollx

lol @ Poll

Hotpoint definitely do a 90 degree cycle. Try the appliances online website - our machine was almost half the recommended retail price on there! We ended up with a really good machine for the cheapo price.

spud - at the top of your original post there is a save to favourites button

i bought a hoover washing machine and a hoover fridge freezer, not cheap but they both broke down twice within the first 6 months. so now i’m a cheapest model, cheapest brand person

carole x

I think it was actually some beko fridge freezers that were recalled for catching fire. I have had a beko washing machine for a few years and the short washes are really useful for clothes that are not exceptionally dirty (I’ve got an 8 year old boy so the long washes are useful as well!,). My old Hotpoint used to put tiny holes in clothes and the beko has so far never done that. It also as an 8kg load so doesn’t need to go on so often (apparently!) I would recommend and would buy another beko washing machine again (have fridge, freezer and dishwasher as well)

I wouldn’t think it counts as savings, Pat. It’s no different to putting money in the Christmas hamper schemes, it’s just paying for Christmas ahead of time. Besides, how would they know about it? Tuck it away and keep quiet (and enjoy a good Christmas this year instead of pondering on how to make the usual £10 bonus stretch!!)

Tracey x

The only way that DWP will ignore a large amount over £6k is it has been a payment of a benefit that you have appealed and have won. It is not unheard of people getting DLA after an 18 month battle and getting a lge payment and then losing benefits cos of this before they argue their corner that benefit payments like this should be ignored. Payments like this are ignored for the purposes of savings. If you have savings from DLA payments then these will classed as savings. HTH


As far as I know, and Wendell’s the one to answer your question, savings make no difference to ESA, the deductions are only made on the income you have, e.g a private pension. So I wouldn’t worry about it. Susu

Hi Pat, I hope you’re pleased with it !!! And I love the final comment…I bought a red microwave to match my kettle! Xx