Need to make money ASAP

Can anyone tell me if they know a way of making more money without losing my Income Support and DLA benefits. Yeah I know get of my lazy bside and get a job, tried that.

I’ve also tried working from home (barking) but they seem to want me to also go in the office which I would love to do if I could.

Hiya, DLA is payable whether you are working or not so shouldn’t be affected. It may be worth asking about ‘permitted work’ though I don’t think you’d be allowed to earn much without it affecting your Income Support.

Mags xx

Mags how silly of them how do they expect us to survive and do they think we’re faking.

With difficulty I think. I would love to take on some work from home but it’s too much of a risk to give up my ESA in case I can’t keep it up…:frowning:

Agree with you on that.