Benefits while working??

Hi again. I have my MRI on Monday. I have been having symptoms on and off for 20+ yrs. I left it so long to find out what was happening to me because of the treatment I had from consultant and one particular Dr. In hindsight I wished I’d been more assertive. There was no support like this yrs ago. So thank you. The ‘episode’ Im going through at the moment has been pretty horrible and have had to take time off work again. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot work full time as it makes things a whole lot worse. But I cannot afford to lose any wages. Are there any benefits that I can claim while working. I dont need physical help but help so that I can reduce my hrs and basically sleep!

Hi Cam, lots of people get DLA while working, but if you dont need physical help, then that`s out. Unless you try for the mobility side (there are 2 parts to DLA. One is mobility and one is personal care)

Other benefits will depend on your income. You can do a benefits check on line. Just google the subject.

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