DLA good news

I applied for DLA on 29th May, just before the cut off date. We’ve just got back from holiday and I had a letter to say I’ve been awarded higher rate for mobility and middle rate for care. I really didn’t expect to be successful so I’m a very happy bunny. My gp, bless her, must have written a brilliant report.

Although I’m waiting for my housing association to fit a walk in shower so if and when it happens I’ll have to let DWP know because some of my care issues are using the over bath shower. Although the HA are refusing to pay at the moment as they priced the work at £3900 and they said they can only go up to £3500. Funny how they managed to price it just over the limit, isn’t it??

Anyway, the award letter said it’s indefinite although I guess the changes to PIP might change that.


Hi Lynne I too applied before the cut off after being refused first time. I to got high rate mobility and middle rate care indefinitely although I expect that will change too :((

Hi Lynne That’s excellent news makes a change to hear something good. :slight_smile: Well done to you too Amanda x

Very pleased for you Lynne, Catherine Xx

That’s great news Lynne, and you too Amanda. Well done. Cheryl:-)

I have the CAB to thank. The chap that filled it in for me was fab. After being turned down, I didn’t hold much hope, so I am really pleased. :))

Me too Amanda…they are very knowledgable and I will certainly use them again.

Hi Lynne

That’s great news. I’ve also been awarded high rate mobility and mid rate care but am aware like you that although it says the award is indefinite that could all change when we move over to pip in a couple of years time.

Ann Marie

Hi, I dunno why DLA is still being awarded indefinitely…`cos all recipients will have to apply for PIP anyway!

I was awarded like that, back in 2008, but that wont hold for PIP.

Glad to hear of the successful awards.

About the DFG work…if you have less than 6k in savings, you arent supposed` to have to make a contribution.

Yet when I had my ceiling hoist fitttted, we had nil savings and yet the council didnt pay the full amount.

I had to ask a chairty to help with the rest and they were generous enough to help me out.

Now I am waiting to hear about funding for a much needed re-jig of my wet room.

What are you going to do re the shortfall in your grant?


Glad to hear you got it.

Yes PIP will have to reassess but if in Scotland think its a bit later.I have seen the criteria for PIP and it doesn’t seem that bad looking at it ,works on a point system but may have a sub criteria that don’t know about as looks too easy.

Up here NE Scotland for things that need a grant claimants usually get 80% funding. You can get 100% but that would be based on a financial assessment which can be awkward if you have money on paper(bonds etc) but not in hand/bank.

OTs up here are usually pretty good at supporting these things but it is needs not wants they assess for.If client wants something fancy(that they don’t supply) they would have to pay the difference. They will try and accommodate but sadly have bosses telling them to watch budgets.

Congratulations Lynne - like many of us I guess you will be keeping your fingers crossed re PIP.

Just thought it worthwhile posting a reminder that your local MS Society branch can award grants for all sorts of things and may be able to help with your wet room shortfall. And if you don’t have a local branch you can apply direct to the Grants Team at National Centre.

As a Support Volunteer for my local branch I spend much of my time processing grants and although there is a form to complete, applicants’ personal information is safeguarded closely by the support volunteer(s) and the Grants sub-committee.

There is more info on the grants process on this website - or speak to your local support volunteer.


Hi all,

My OT is working on getting the HA to come in with a lower estimate. A guy from my local council reckons they’ve not done the estimate properly and just picked figures at random. So I’m being patient for now! We both work full time and couldn’t get any grants, which is fair enough. But at the same time, I’m reluctant to pay out loads of money for work on a house which I don’t own. if necessary I’m sure I could put some of my benefit to one side to pay for a shower for much less than £4000.

What are people’s thoughts on using the mobility benefit for Motability? Our car is a two door Renault Megane which I find very difficult to get in and out of. But we’re still making payments for it until next April so won’t be making a final decision until then. Also I didn’t realise that I can now get free car tax so that was very good timing as ours runs out at the end of the month.


Hi, just was away to come on here and suggest if you could somehow knock £400 of the quote for your walk in shower, I agree that if you do have to pay yourself should be able to get something for less than £4000, perhaps you could go for a slightly lower spec to brung it below £3500. I have a motability car and have been very pleased with it, had a few now over the last ten years or so and never had a problem. Mine is up for renewal soon and I plan to get another. Interested to hear you say that you find your current car very difficult to get in and out of, I have a vauxhall zafira and I find it difficult to get into (I’m ok getting out) and I hope to get something easier to get into. The zafira is quite high up(well the seat is), I’m hoping a car with a lower seat might be a bit easier for me. Cheryl:-)

I find it difficult because our car is quite low. I’m hoping that something with a seat at bum height might be easier. I’m going to do plenty of research and test drives before I decide though. It’s got to be something that suits both me and my husband as apart from driving to work and locally, he does the driving most of the time. I’ve got a few months to make a decision.


Hi Lynne,

I’m on my 2nd Motability car at the moment. Have to stick to 4/5 door vehicles as the longer & heavier doors on a 2/3 door car just wouldn’t fit (…doors open too wide) in my parking space and be too tough to get in & out of !

The smaller SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) with 5 doors tend to have a higher driver’s seat - which makes life easy. Also, they tend not be so high off the ground that the height of the door-sill is difficult (…my right leg is very reluctant to bend).

My brother has a full-sized 4x4, and whilst the seat-height is fine for me, the door-sill is too high to make getting in gracegul & easy (…luckily, I can parachute back out to reach the ground safely!!)

Best of luck with PIP. Hope it works out OK for you


Hi Lynne, hope you don’t mind if i but in here, thanks Dom, that is really interestin about the smaller suv’s and the height. Yes, I will have to consider the height of the door sill, my right legs also very reluctant to bend. Cheryl:-)

Having two doors is a problem for me as well. We have a tiny parking space and our car has bigger and heavier doors which is part of the problem. A SUV is where we’re tending to lean towards as well. Guess I can have some fun test driving them all!

Hi Cheryl !

Of the current batch, I think the Vauxhall Mokka or Renault Captur are both worth considering - as long as it’s understood that they won’t be as happy to be flung about like sportscars !!

(Both of these cars are available through motability just now.)

Take care,


Hi, I applied for dla in may too just before the cut off. I got low rate care and high rate mobility. Thing is, my award says to be reviewed next year in may?? We are lucky to have a car but it is an old banger but I am worried to get a new mobility car as they are on a 3 year lease so I can’t imagine what if I loose high rate mobility in may and had to give the car back and have nothing. I am so confused, I am not going to miraculously get better with mobility but wirh pip this may change. Any advice? I can’t understand some getindefinate awards and mine is in a year. I don’t mean any offence by that, good on you all it’s great that you have got your awards xx Dawn x

Hi Dawn,

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was awarded indefinite DLA over 2 years ago.

This was after 3 applications from me failed to get the correct mobility award - Took an application on my behalf from a Rehab Neuro to get the right mobility award.

I had no say in the duration of the award - I wonder if the Government guidelines have now been restricted - aren’t we lucky that this current Government can cure MS within 3 years …if only they’d tell us how?!!