hi all 

put my claim in for dla at the beginning of june and got letter back this morning saying i've been awarded higher rate mobility!!!....came right out of the blue as i was expecting to be declined..aww well wonders never cease...i did include letters from my ms nurse, neuro physio and a copy of my prescriptions so they must have been enough as didn't hear from them until this morning

take care all


Well done! Thats good news...

I've just spent ages filling the rest of my claim form in...just need to photo copy it now...fingers crossed!


Wonderful news Baz, now you can get a motability car if you so wish, buy or rent a scooter, and go mad - well maybe thats going a bit too far, but brilliant news, we dont get enough do we.


take care,



Congratulations Baz this is good news and the award will help you coping with the things MS throws into the melting pot of life.

I'm so happy for you, Mary

Congrats Baz thats good news, I was  awarded the higher rate allowance for  both care and mobility late last year and being on job eekers it really helps and I get more money from jobseeker because I get DLA so as usual I try to see the upside to having a disability.

I also get free road tax which is another benefit.