liver enzyme test results

Feeling a bit down at the moment. 6 weeks ago I had a blood test to check my vitamin D as I was just starting a relapse & I had done some research to indicate it could be low. When they came in my doctor rang to explain the results - Firstly, just as I had suspected my Vitamin D was ultra low & I was prescribed 20,000 iu twice a week, but she also mentioned that my Liver enzymes were a bit high and needed to redo the bloods again in 6 weeks. Those 6 weeks are up on Wednesday and I will be having my bloods repeated, Im not really sure what to expect - Yes I do drink alcohol but socially really and also a glass or two on the weekend on a Friday & Saturday evening! I wouldn’t say I overdid things. I have read that some with auto immune disorders could get auto immune hepatitis and just like ms that attacks the nerves in the brain, it attacks the cells within the liver. Im just going round and round in circles getting stressed about something that I have not much control over, which isn’t helping with my relapse at the moment. My doctor did mention that it could be nothing to worry about and that it could be my own body was fighting infection, but its soo hard not to read into things, especially as the ‘knowledge’ is at our fingertips! Pains in my head are buzzing and not dying down, although I have been on Amtriptyline since Friday, but it could be a bit early be working yet. Feeling stressed. Sharon x

hi sharon

our poor bodies have to work so hard with ms.

all those things that it did without us having to think about them, now require much more work.

as your doctor said, it is probably just fighting an infection.

please don’t worry yourself into a frenzy.

good luck with your blood tests tomorrow.

carole x

Hi Sharon, I have my bloods done every 4 weeks, same thing ,mind you I’m on Methotrexate, known for liver problems, sometimes their fine, other times up the wall!!! Been like this for a year & a half, I too like a tipple admittedly, not over the top, but I do. Try not getting too stressed, headaches will be a whole lot worse, good luck tomorrow, mine Thursday, bit of luck mine & yours will be better!! Take care Tracey x

Hi Sharon, I’ve had high liver enzymes in the past twice now. The first time, there seemed to be no apparent reason for it, all the hepatitis ABCs etc were tested and were negative. It was thought it could be a drug reaction although I’d not been on anything new or indeed anything likely to cause an LFT spike. The gastroenterologist I saw wondered about auto-immune hepatitis but basically after a few weeks, the enzymes went back to normal. About 6 or 7 years later, I was having my third tysabri infusion and asked the nurses to check the LFTs as I’d been feeling nauseous and itchy (both symptoms of hepatitis). They tested the blood, gave the infusion then phoned me the next day to say the enzymes were very high. Over the next few weeks they kept checking the blood and eventually it recovered. (By the way, I too drink a reasonable amount of wine and the ultrasound scan of my liver showed it to be fine with regard to alcohol so it’s not necessarily related). Again I saw a gastroenterologist, they assume that I had a reaction to the drug which caused the high enzymes (ie hepatitis), although they haven’t 100% ruled out some autoimmune involvement, I’ve recently started on tecfidera, so having had previous drug reactions doesn’t rule out new medications.

Ultimately I’d say don’t worry too much. True autoimmune hepatitis is fairly rare whilst odd spikes of LFTs are fairly common. Your liver is a very clever organ, it manages to repair itself very well. Mine has recovered twice and though the causes are not altogether explained, I don’t worry too much about it.


Thanks for replying Sue, Tracey & Carole, fingers crossed its just a blip and my liver is on its way to making a full recovery. I’ll update this feed as soon as I get my results. The numbness and tingling in my legs is doing my head in at the moment and although I don’t have any spaticity I’m certainly not as confident walking as I once used to be due to the lack of feelings. Grrrr

Great news! Liver enzyme test is within normal limits now so nowt to worry about at the mo. Doubling my amtryptaline as of tonight so hopefully turning a corner. Thanks for your support x

Good news!!! Mine, well, saying nowt!!! Told you its good then bad, & vis versa. Don’t worry when its not good it rectifies itself!!! Tracey x